You May Not be Able to Be There for Your Customers 24/7, But We Can Be


At Answer Our Phones, we view our services as complementary to your own. After all, you’re already providing an exceptional level of service to customers, but you may not be doing so at all times.

Let’s face it: every business owner gets overwhelmed, has limited hours, or simply doesn’t have the resources to ensure a staff member is always there to handle customer calls. Luckily, this is where we step in.

At our company, we pride ourselves on providing 24/7 support for your customers, 365 days a year. This means whether they call at midnight, on a holiday, or simply when your call volume is too large to handle each one, our operators are here to support you.

Instant Access, No Matter the Time or Day

Customers don’t want to leave a message on your answering machine or be answered with a dial tone rather than an operator, so why make them do either? This question becomes even more pressing when you consider that they don’t have to put customers in this situation by paying just $39 per month for an answering service.

After all, customers typically won’t contact your company again if they struggle to get through on the first few attempts. Or, worse yet, they’ll leave a message only to never hear back from you (making them question whether or not they can trust you).

But with our service, you can stop this cycle once and for all.

With Our Services, You Get More Than Just the Bare Minimum

No two call answering service companies are alike. And while most offer 24/7 coverage, few offer the critical benefits that Answer Our Phones does:

  • US-Based Operators – Other companies promise US-based operators and then connect your customers with overseas operators that don’t provide the level of service you expect. With our company, you can always rely on your customers being greeted and helped by operators within the United States.
  • Quick Call Answering –If the phone rings too many times, your customers will likely hang up. We prevent missed calls (and missed opportunities) by always answering the phone in three rings or less!
  • Flexible Message Delivery –Do you prefer to have your messages delivered via text, email, or fax? We’re flexible and can deliver in any of these methods. What we aren’t flexible on is our commitment to excellence regardless of your message delivery method.
  • No Setup Fees –Hidden costs are never part of your services at Answer Our Phones. We charge no setup or programming fees to get our operators ready for your customer service needs.
  • Flexible Contracts –Your business has the potential to change on a regular basis and as such, you should be able to change your answering services to match. With flexible contracts on a month-by-month basis, you’re never stuck with services you don’t need.

Connect With Customers 24/7, All for Just $39/Month!

At Answer Our Phones, we’re known for two things: exceptional 24/7 services and the lowest rates in the industry. As such, it’s no surprise that small- and medium-sized businesses seek us out to handle their needs.

If you’re interested in keeping your customers satisfied with your level of service, contact us today to determine the right package for your company’s needs!