4 Reasons Our US-based Answering Service is the Best

Posted on May 21, 2013

US-based answering service graphicYou have options when hiring an phone asnwering service to take calls for your business. You can either use an overseas operator or a US based one, and the latter definitely offers more advantages. In fact, by using a US based answering service, your sales may actually increase due to the fact that you will retain more customers because of your higher customer service ratings.

Here are a few reasons why our service works better for you than those outsourced overseas.

No Language Barrier

This is the most common reason that callers don’t like using an overseas service. While overseas operators may speak English, their accents make them harder to understand. Our US based service is full of native English speakers who can communicate more effectively.

Customer Service Culture

In America, the customer is always right, so the customer expects a certain degree of politeness and professionalism even when they have an issue. Overseas operators may see things differently and your customer may not feel like his issue is important.

U.S. vs. Overseas

Surveys show that not only do customers prefer speaking with a live operator as opposed to a recorded menu, they would also rather speak with someone who is based in the US v.s. someone who is overseas.

Easier Communication & Management

Ever feel like you’re getting information overload? Using our service to keep track of your messages can alleviate some of that pain.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits for using a US based answering service instead of an overseas one. By making sure that your customers are satisfied over the phone, you are more likely to keep those customers, which will then increase your bottom line.

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