5 Reasons People Hate Voicemail

Posted on May 7, 2013

Customers are tired of listening to automated messages to try and get the answers that they need. Voicemail messages have simply become too common, and they are not usually very helpful to the customer. The best way to keep customers happy is by having real-life people answering the phones and answering questions.

The first big complaint for many people is that they have to wait around for the machine to do the work. People have to waste time waiting for the machine to allow you to pick the language you want, and when you need answers fast these machines will simply not give them to you. Many companies also put messages on the machines that make the waiting time even more frustrating.

Another thing that people dislike is having to listen to all of the choices that they may have to pick from. Sometimes the choices are not clear. People could spend several minutes going through all of the buttons and eventually learn that they were hitting the wrong buttons. A well-trained person can cut down that irritating wait time, and they can get customers exactly what they want faster.

A popular pet peeve is that it is so impersonal. Many people actually want to feel wanted by other people, and the voicemail machine does not really do an adequate job. Customers are usually calling to request some type of service or more information, and many people will simply refuse to buy a product or service if a live person is not there to speak with.

US-based answering service graphicThe fourth major problem with voicemail is the fact that many people call in with a specific question that the voicemail simply cannot answer. Customers have to spend many minutes waiting around until they finally hear the option that allows them to speak to a customer service representative. People want fast and reliable answers without having to wait so long. Here is our fix for this problem.

The final reason why voicemail is not always popular is because you are never really positive about who you are in contact with. A live person can guarantee that you have the right place.

Why do that to your clients or potential clients?

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