Is Your Answering Service Delivering What You Expect?

Posted on February 19, 2014

In today’s marketplace where there are constantly more and more businesses providing the same products or services as you, what are you doing to stand out? One simple way to stand out is with a call answering service, especially one that is available 24/7. But, do you really know what you’re getting when you hire a business answering service?

Take the image that you have of a call center in your mind and throw it to the wayside. In fact, most of what you know about call centers and answering services is probably false. By debunking these common myths, you can realize just how invaluable a call answering service, such as that provided by Flat Answering Service can be for your business.

Debunking Answering Service Misconceptions

Ready to learn about how everything you once thought to be true about call centers is actually false? Let’s get started!

1.     Call Centers and Their Answering Services Provide Awful Customer Service – While we can’t speak for all other companies, at Flat Answering Service we provide only the highest-quality service for our clients. We pick up each call in three rings or less, meaning that your customers won’t be left waiting. Your answering service should understand that every call is important, and as a result, treat your customers as you would want them to be treated.

2.     Call Center Representatives are Always Based Overseas – We all know that some representatives are based overseas. Today, there are countless companies that take advantage of US-based operators to provide the outstanding customer service that you will come to expect. This means that your customers won’t face the language barrier that they expect from call centers, making your customer service memorable in a positive way.

3.     Too Expensive – When your business is in need of a call center, you will probably begin to start thinking of costs. Many wrongly believe that an answering service will be a lot of money, but this simply isn’t the case. In fact, premier services like those from Flat Answering Service begin at just $39 per month.

4.     Representatives Lack Knowledge About You Industry – This is simply one myth that can’t be proven. Call center representatives are often extremely knowledgeable. Of course, you will also provide them with your phone script and common answers to frequently asked questions, making it easy to provide your customers with the type of service you want your company to be associated with.

Flat Answering Service has Everything That You Need for Your Business

Once you recognize just how different an answering service can be from what you first imagined, you simply need to find one that is the right fit for your small business. When quality matters, and you want US-based operators that are available 24/7, Flat Answering Service has everything that you need.

Learn the true essence of what makes your answering service invaluable for customers, and give your business the necessary automated edge in a marketplace full of companies just like yours.

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