How an Answering Service Makes Your Small Business Appear Larger

Posted on February 13, 2015

Small businesses are small by nature. And while this isn’t necessarily a negative thing, it can be problematic for some customers.

Think about it from their perspective: if they think that you’re a small company, they might think that you won’t have the employees necessary to provide support when you need it or fulfill their general service-based needs.

Luckily, there are ways that you can give the impression of a large company without actually being a large company. But, how?

With a small business answering service, of course!

What is a Small Business Answering Service?

No matter how efficient or prepared your employees are, there are going to be times where you’re overwhelmed, short-staffed, or unable to meet the demands of your customers. When this happens, an answering service is the perfect solution.

An answering service is an outsourced entity that answers your phones when you can’t (even in the middle of the night when your business is closed)! As such, your customers will always be able to speak with a live person rather than get an answering machine.

Increase Trust While Making Your Business Appear Larger

Now you might recognize that an answering service is a great solution, but how does it actually make your business appear larger? In a few ways:

  • Phones are Always Answered – Even at the largest companies, customers expect to wait or get an answering machine. With a phone service, you won’t have to worry about customers ever feeling as if you don’t have time for them.
  • Eliminate Wasted Calls – Not every phone call necessitates a returned call. An answering service can screen calls for you and reduce wasted time your staff would otherwise spend on the phone.
  • Saves You Time so You Can Grow Your Company – Not only does an answering service make your company appear larger, but it can help you actually expand as well. That’s because the proper service will eliminate time employees spend on the phone when they don’t need to, meaning they can focus on other, more important things.

Get in Touch With Flat Answering Service for Your Needs 

At Flat Answering Service, we’ve helped hundreds of small businesses like yours give the impression of a large company while saving the time they need to keep on growing.

Contact us today to discuss your own services and give your small business the edge it needs.

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