Comparing Your Options: Flat Answering Service vs. VoiceNation

Posted on April 10, 2014

When it comes to choosing an answering service for your small- to medium-sized business, the amount of options might seem overwhelming. Between trying to run your business and attempting to sift through each company and the relative pros and cons, there is a lot of time and energy being spent.

However, at Flat Answering Service we make it simple to compare our services to those of our competitors. That’s because we’re confident that our services are the only ones that measure up to your needs and, by forging a direct comparison, seeing the same for yourself is simple.

So, What’s the Difference?

 When it comes to comparing your options, there are countless features that you will want to consider. This is especially true when it comes to pricing and the services that you receive in exchange for what you pay.

To make it simple, we’ve broken it down category by category to show you how Flat Answering Service measures up to VoiceNation.


  • VoiceNation – With seven different plans to choose from, the range of pricing at VoiceNation is quite large as the most basic plan will cost you $30 per month and the most comprehensive is upwards of $750 per month. The most inexpensive service costs $30 for 30 minutes of service and involves the delivery of just messages via email, text, or fax. This means that no transfers are allowed, and time is limited.
  • Flat Answering Service – While Flat Answering Service’s lowest plan beginning slightly higher at $39 per month, you get more for your money. For this price, you receive 50 calls answered and messages delivered via email, text, or fax. Also, additional calls cost just $0.59 each, meaning that you don’t run out of calls and end your services without knowledge of this happening.

Set-Up Fees

  • VoiceNation – Unless you choose the basic plan at $30, all other plans from VoiceNation require a one-time, upfront fee of $75.
  • Flat Answering Service – Regardless of what plan you choose, there are never any upfront fees required with Flat Answering Service.

Billing Structure

  • VoiceNation – VoiceNation bills by the minute, meaning that if you choose their basic 30 for 30 plan, you’re paying $30 for 30 minutes on the phone. While this can be beneficial for extremely short calls, it can become a problem with more standard length calls, which typically last over a minute at the very least.
  • Flat Answering Service – Flat Answering Service’s billing structure is based on number of calls rather than the number of minutes spent on each call. Regardless of whether you have a call that lasts five minutes, or possibly one that lasts up to ten or more, we look at it as just another call.

Choosing Your Answering Service Shouldn’t be Difficult

When it comes to your answering service, the decision shouldn’t be difficult. By comparing our services with those of our competitors, such as VoiceNation, you can see the difference better than ever before.

Contact Flat Answering Service today at 800-500-5020 and receive the premium answering services that you expect at prices that you can afford.

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