Email Automation: Your Secret to Business Success and Sanity

Posted on June 8, 2014

Does email got you down? If so, you aren’t alone. In fact, waking up to dozens and dozens of emails is becoming increasingly common in today’s world, making it more and more difficult to run your business and process everything coming your way.

But, does it have to be this way? Thanks to automation and more specifically, email filtering, it doesn’t.

So, is Email Automation the Answer to My Problems?

In short, yes. Filtering and other organizational tools are rarely used by business owners and team members, meaning that you and your staff aren’t using your time and energy ineffectively while at work. In fact, you might be surprised if you sat down to see just how long you spend each day just sifting through the junk to get to what you need to know.

In fact, using all of these processes is easier than most people think, as you can organize your inbox in many simple ways to be well on your way to automation and efficiency in your business processes.

Simple Steps to Automation, the Gmail Way

Inarguably, the most widely used form of email today is Gmail. Luckily, Gmail is also one of the easiest emails to set up filtering to keep your inbox tamed, your sanity in check, and your business running as it should.

  1. Set Automated Emails to be Marked as Read – Are you tired of watching your inbox email count go up only to find that each message is just auto-generated and not worth your time? Most people would answer “yes.” That’s why with Gmail, you can set up a “Mark as Read” filter to make sure that this kind of stuff doesn’t fill up your inbox at any time of the day.
  2. The Archiving Feature is Your Friend – If you’re someone who doesn’t want to read everything, but isn’t quite sure if you want to delete it either, archiving is the feature that you’ve been waiting for. You can archive emails from a certain sender or emails that you send to certain email addresses. This way, nothing that you might need later on is ever lost.
  3. Filtering Works Both Ways – Whether you want to keep certain messages out or make sure that certain messages make their way in, filters can be another great tool to use with your company’s email because you can apply filters to certain messages to make searching for important messages a breeze.

Taking Automation a Step Further

Automating your inbox is a great start for your company, but you can always do more. In fact, automation is a way that small companies can compete with big business, making it more necessary than ever before.

At Flat Answering Service, we can help take the communication side of your business to the next level by providing phone answering services that keep your customer service going 24/7.

Automation is crucial in the marketplace. Get your email, and your customer service, up to par with simple Gmail tools and premier call services from Flat Answering Service.

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