Frequently Asked Questions

At Flat Answering Service, we understand it’s normal to have questions prior to getting started with our services. That’s why we’ve compiled our most common questions below to ensure you have resources to turn to prior to getting started with our services.

Of course, you can always contact us with additional questions as well.

    1. What happens after I sign up?
      Once you sign up, your information is immediately directed to our programming department. Between 24 to 48 hours later, you’ll receive your assigned “forwarding number” by text or email (depending on which option you’ve indicated during the sign-up process).After you receive your forwarding number, your account is activated. When you want calls answered by our operators, all you have to do is forward the calls to our number. Or, if you prefer for our service to handle all your calls, use your forwarding number as your business number.

      Remember, there are no additional costs to set-up or program your services either!

    2. Can my forwarding number be a local number from my area code?
      Yes, you can request a forwarding number with your local area code, all at no extra cost! We offer a range of numbers with randomized area codes throughout the United States, so we always have a number you want available.If you do want a specific local number, it may take between 7 and 10 days to be activated. In the interim period, we will provide you with a toll free number to ensure there is no lapse in your customer service.
    3. How do I receive call details?
      You’ll receive call details immediately after each call via text, email, or fax (you have a choice of these methods when you sign up for our services).We also provide each client with daily call summaries. Or, if you prefer, we can provide summaries at the end of each week.
    4. Can I receive notifications via email and text?
      At Flat Answering Service, we can accommodate any preferences to ensure your business runs as smoothly as it should. This means we can provide notifications via both email and text, however we will charge an additional $0.10 per call to do so.


    1. Does Flat Answering Service use overseas call centers?
      Absolutely not! One of the main reasons our clients continue to use our services is our ability to deliver US-based operators for just $39 per month! We don’t cut costs to ensure you receive the premium standard of customer service both your company and your customers deserve.


    1. How many monthly calls can I receive with your services?
      We’ve conducted extensive research that suggests most of our clients receive no more than 100 calls per month.Because of this, we’ve structured our packages to give you options in terms of what you need. As such, our basic plan includes 50 calls per month whereas our advanced plan includes 100 calls per month.

      If you ever receive more calls than your plan allows, your service will still continue! You will be billed $0.59 per additional call and will simply pay this bill at the end of the month.

    2. How do you answer the phone?
      Our basic plan means we answer the phone like a “dispatch service.” This means our US-based operators will answer the phone in the name of your company and then request the name, phone number, and purpose of the call. This is the information we send immediately after the call via text, email, or fax.


    1. Can I personalize the script?
      If you want our operators to collect additional information or would like to personalize the script, we absolutely can!If you would like gather additional information, such as each customer’s email or address, we can do so for an additional $0.10 per field per call.

      To personalize your script entirely, you can upgrade to our “answering service.” With this service, you’ll be billed $0.79 per minute on six-second increments. There are no startup fees to set up this script.

    2. Can I have calls patched through?
      If you’re at the office and can’t answer the phone but want to receive important calls, we can transfer calls live. Each attempted or successful patch costs $0.50 and your plan will be charged an additional fee of $5 per month.


    1. How often will I be billed?
      With our month-to-month contracts, you are billed once monthly. Your monthly billing cycle begins the day your services start and will remain the same every month thereafter.


    1. How does it work if I need additional services (like additional calls answered, etc.)?
      Overages are calculated on either the 1st or 15th of each month and will be issued as a bill separate from your monthly recurring charges. You should expect overage bills approximately one week after your regular monthly bill.


  1. What type of billing information do you require?
    To simplify the payment process, we require all clients to keep a valid payment method on file. If ever your credit card or PayPal payment is declined, we will notify you immediately to request an updated form of payment.If we don’t receive updated payment information within 48 hours of contacting you, we will issue a disconnect message on your forwarding number.
  2. Can I change my email address or text number?
    If you ever need to change the email address or text number where we send your messages, send us an email of the change at In your message, please include your company in the subject line and provide your updated information in the actual email.We also allow you to add up to 10 email addresses or phone numbers on your account for no additional cost.
  3. How do I set up call forwarding?If you’re attempting to forward from your office phone, it’s best to follow any instructions provided to you by your local phone company or the phone equipment that you use.

    Because you must forward your calls to your forwarding number, it’s important to set up this process properly. If you’re forwarding from an office phone, it’s best to follow instructions issued to you by the local phone company or provided in the box with the phone equipment you use.

    Of course, there are also generic instructions that you may find helpful:

    1. Press *72
    2. Enter the forwarding number we’ve issued to you (*72-000-000-0000).
    3. Press “Send” and wait to receive a confirmation. Typically, confirmation is issue via either a message or tone.
    4. End your call (and you’re done!).

    If you need to end your call forwarding setup, it’s simple as well:

    1. Press *73.
    2. Press “Send” and wait to receive a confirmation tone or message.
    3. End your call (and again, you’re done!).
  4. What is conditional call forwarding?
    Conditional call forwarding means that you will first be given the opportunity to answer your phone. But if you don’t answer it, your carrier will forward the call to the number you’ve programmed into your phone (i.e. the forwarding number you’re assigned when you open an account).If you’re busy or unreachable, your carrier will simply forward your call to our operators. This guarantees your calls are always handled.
  5. How can I cancel my answering service?
    This isn’t a question we receive often, but it’s important nonetheless!If you need to cancel our services, simply email us to ensure we can cancel your billings in a timely fashion. After cancelling, you won’t be under any term beyond the current month.