Real Estate Answering Service

Elevating Your Real Estate Customer Service to the Next Level

In real estate, customer service is everything. Returning calls means making commissions. Keeping open lines of communication means building trust with clients who use your agency for multiple purchases, sales, and other needs. And because of all this, providing less-than-desirable customer service simply isn’t an option.

But if you’re looking to provide 24/7 support to clients and go above and beyond other realtors and agencies, Answer Our Phones is the only option you need.

We pride ourselves on delivering premium quality customer support and live call forwarding services to ensure that your company is always connected to clients. And, with services starting at just $39 per month, these exceptional benefits cost just over $1 per day.

With thousands of dollars of commissions and customer loyalty on the line, the benefits are well worth the investment (not to mention outweigh the incredibly minor costs).

Take Advantage of Numerous Benefits Unique to Answer Our Phones

Our team is more than just another anonymous service. We’re a dedicated team of professionals and US-based operators dedicated to the success of your agency.

And while other services offer specific benefits, none compare to the unique difference available solely through Answer Our Phones Service.

  • Reliable, US-Based Operators  – Our US-based operators are always ready and able to pick up your important phone calls. With many real estate deals coming together in a matter of minutes, having an answering service at the ready is vital to the success of your agency.
  • Quick Call Answering –Clients don’t want to wait to have their calls answered, nor do they want to play phone tag by leaving you messages all day long. Our operators answer all calls in 3 rings or less, meaning you’ll never miss a message or call ever again.
  • Immediate Message Delivery –Whether you’re on the move and need your messages delivered via text or email or want messages directed to the office, we can do it all! If you really want to make sure you receive your messages, you can have each delivered via two methods for an additional $0.10 per call.
  • No Hidden Costs –We never charge our customers setup or programming fees. Simply pay for your services and prepare to be impressed by just how much we can do.
  • Flexible Contracts –We offer month-to-month contracts, meaning you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your services at any time. But with such exceptional services, you won’t have to ever worry about canceling!

Making Every Minute Matter in Your Real Estate Needs

Every minute you make clients wait for a returned phone call counts (and not in a good way). However, you can’t always be there to handle every phone call, especially if you work in a large agency and are responsible for a significant number of clients.

At Answer Our Phones, we believe in doing more for you, our clients. And if you’ve been searching for the right real estate answering service and haven’t found a solution, we’re here and ready to help.

Contact us today to discuss how you can have all of the phone answering features you need, all for just $39 per month! We look forward to hearing from you!