Small Business Answering Service

Handling Small Business Customer Service Problems in a Big Way

Small businesses are celebrated for their uniqueness and ability to deliver a personalized touch that large companies simply can’t. However, these specific benefits often aren’t enough to outweigh the common customer service challenges that plague these same companies.

However, you don’t have to let a lack of resources or time stand in the way of your small business success. Instead, you can turn to a small business answering service to do what you can’t: provide customer service support 24/7/365.

At Answer Our Phones, we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of small businesses just like yours. That’s why we offer cost-effective pricing coupled with premium quality services. By doing so, we position ourselves as an investment well worth the ROI (especially when it comes to customer loyalty and returning customers).

Our Small Business Services Come With a Range of Benefits

When you’re shopping around for a small business answering service, you can be confident knowing that you’ve made the right choice. This is because we don’t just serve small businesses, our service was created specifically for small business owners just like you.

Our benefits match our exceptional quality and deliver even more value to your business, all for just $39 per month:

  • Operators in the United States – Tired of looking at different answering services only to realize each offers overseas operators? Us too! That’s why we only use US-based operators for all of our clients and their customers.
  • Quick Call Answering –Do you wait beyond a few rings for companies to pick up? Probably not. That’s why we guarantee your calls will be answered in just 3 rings or less. That’s seriously speedy service for customers!
  • Message Delivery Preferences –Whether it’s most convenient for you to receive your messages via text, email, or fax, we can do it all! We can even send messages via two of these methods for an additional $0.10 per call!
  • No Additional Fees  –We don’t believe you should have to pay more to get started with our services. That’s why we never charge any set-up or programming fees.
  • Flexible, Month-to-Month Plans  –Small business owners need flexibility in their services. At Answer Our Phones, we only offer services on a month-to-month basis to ensure that whether you need to upgrade, downgrade, or end your services, you can do so without paying money you shouldn’t have to.

Don’t Let Limited Time or Resources Interfere With Customer Service Any Longer

You shouldn’t have to worry about your customer service standards simply because you can’t afford the sales staff to handle demand. In fact, there are too many small businesses that don’t grow as quickly as they can, all because they’re forced to contend with financial or structural limitations.

At Answer Our Phones, we’re changing this for the better. In fact, for just $39 per month, you can ensure your customers always have a live, US-based operator to speak to. And even just this small difference will produce a marked effect in your bottom line.

Contact us today to begin your own small business services or to learn more about what we offer!