Why Us

Combining Cost-Effective Services With Exceptional Quality

At Answer Our Phones, we stand for two things: cost-effectiveness and exceptional service quality that keeps both our clients and their company’s customers coming back for more.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry servicing small- and medium-sized business owners with a wide range of needs, customer service complications, and goals, we’re ready to translate our experience into success for your company as well.

Straightforward Services With No Surprises

We’re proud to live up to our name’s expectation by offering Answer Our Phones at flat rate prices. We don’t believe in surprising our customers with unexpected costs or complications with their services.

That’s why we never turn off your service if you go over your plan or surprise you with setup or programming fees you shouldn’t have to pay. Instead, we setup your account for free and follow our transparent pricing to bill you each month.

We like to think that if anything, we deliver positive surprises in the sense that your $39 per month investment can produce such meaningful changes in your business.

Unprecedented Answering Service Quality

Other companies promise 24/7 support or only US-based operators, but only Answer Our Phones can actually deliver on these promises.

When you’re choosing the right answering service for your needs, you should always do so carefully to ensure services are as transparent and legitimate as they seem. But if you want to avoid this time-consuming process, you can make the simple decision to go with a company that has proved their reputation for over 10 years: ours.

The Lowest Prices, No Questions Asked

$39 per month is an incredibly low price, especially when you consider the value you’re getting for the cost.

At Answer Our Phones, we’re known for having the lowest prices in the industry. And while this leads some to question our quality, our successful reputation and thousands of satisfied clients demonstrate time and time again why we beat out our competitors: we’re simply better.

Get in Touch to Learn More or Discuss Your Unique Needs

With experience in small- and medium-sized business ventures in a variety of industries, Answer Our Phones is the resource you can count on no matter your needs or goals.

Contact our team today to learn more about why we’re the right choice for your company and to sign up for your own premium services. You’ll be glad you did.