Pricing & Plans

Answer Our Phones Services at Answer Our Phones

At Answer Our Phones, we mean flat rate in more ways than one. Not only does it mean that you get what you pay for, but it also means you will never pay for more than you receive.

Of course, we also offer additional services at cost-effective prices. However, you’ll never need these to offer your customers the value they deserve.

Our Packages

We offer four packages to clients. With either, you’ll be able to provide customers with exceptional service:

  • Basic Message – $39.99 per month – 40 calls – $0.89/per additional call
  • Advanced Message – $89.99 per month – 100 calls – $0.89/per additional call
  • Basic Message – $39.99 per month – 40 minutes – $0.89/per additional minute
  • Advanced Message – $89.99 per month – 100minutes – $0.89/per additional minute

With either plan, we’ll gather the same information from each caller:

  • Name
  • Company Name (if applicable)
  • Phone Number
  • Subject/Purpose of the Phone Call

You’ll also receive the same benefits no matter which plan is right for your business:

  • No Additional Fees – We never charge new clients for setup or programming fees.
  • Immediate Message Delivery – Once we’ve answered a call, you’ll be notified via email, text, or fax.
  • Local Number Availability – Want a local number for your services? Add just $5 per month to your package above and $0.50 per minute and you can have it!
  • Additional Information Gathering – Do you also want to know each customer’s email or address when they call? We can collect this information and any other information you may need for an additional $0.10 per field per call.

Live Call Transferring Puts You in Direct Connection With Your Customers

You may not always want messages from each caller. Instead, you may want to be put in touch with important calls as they come in. And if you do, this is where our live call transferring services are useful.

With each call, we can live transfer to either you or a staff member. If you aren’t available, this is no problem either! The caller will simply be directed back to our operators who will then record the standard information for each call.

This valuable service is available for just $5 per month and an additional $0.50 per successful or attempted transfer. We won’t bill you for a call transfer either. Speak as long as you need and take care of your customers like only you can.

One Small Investment, Countless Benefits

When you consider that you can take care of all your customers for just $39 per month, a call answering service just makes sense as an essential element of your business.

For more information about our pricing or to create a plan that meets your business’ unique needs, contact us today!